Playherz basketball club


It all started 30 YEARS AGO....

When I began training basketball players in Paterson, New Jersey.  Over the years, I’ve expanded my vision to include private training sessions for children, teens, and adults. I believe it is important to showcase their development, while giving them year-round exposure to high school and college basketball coaches. My staff and I remain dedicated to the legacy of Each One, Teach One, which motivates us to reach out to the community through basketball and education.

Jon James Basketball Training strives to provide the best basketball instruction available throughout the community.  Our training program exposes young men and women to diverse instructors from various professional basketball backgrounds—while providing them with a foundation of hard work and dedication. This will not only enhance their knowledge of the game but help them achieve their goals of obtaining basketball scholarships. My training program has been proven successful with players from Eastside High School, Teaneck High School, and Immaculate Conception High School Girls Varsity Basketball Teams going on to win State Titles.

“All kids want an offer. Not all kids want 6AM weights, 8:00-12:00 class, 2PM practice, 4PM film study and 6PM mandatory study hall”
— Gary Payton